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Distributor -SVDA type suits most aircooled VW engines

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This is a 100% new - OE Quality single vacuum advance distributor.

This distributor provides mechanic advance along with the vacuum advance for a smooth and reliable service. The advantage of this type of set up over a standard 009 Bosch distributor is - NO MORE FLAT SPOT when you take-off from a stop sign.

The combination of a new 30 or 34-PICT carburetor and our new vacuum advance distributor will give you the smooths driving experience you have ever had in your Beetle, Ghia or Bus.
This distributor suits 1200-1600cc based engines and also works with all 1972 and later Bus/Van 17-2000cc engines with stock intake systems.

Our Reference: 043905205, 113905205an, 8511300090 
Located: Row 18 excess