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Starter Motor 12volt, 1967+

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Good quality aftermarket 12V  Starter.

Comes with new starter bush to suit 12v transmission, if your car was originally 6v you will need a conversion bush.

Original Bug 1967 - 1977
Super Beetle 1971 - 1979
Karmann Ghia 1967 - 1974
Kombi 1967 - 1975

Type 3 1967 - 1973

A new bush must be fitted when changing a starter or warranty is void.

Please check the number of teeth on your flywheel 12volt cars have 130 teeth on the flywheel, pre 67 cars, and off-roaders, trikes, etc often use a 6-volt starter, these have 109 teeth on the flywheel, this starter won't work on a 6v flywheel, even if they have a 12-volt system already fitted.

BOSCH starters available here

Our Reference: 311911023D, ACCsr15nc , 911131001, 98-91144-b , 311911023DX , 8190300400
Located: Row 48