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Head, Big Valved, 90.5 & 92mm (98-1400-b)

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CYLINDER HEAD, Big Valved, 90.5 & 92mm With Single Springs

Complete Heads are assembled with Stainless Steel 40mm Intake and 35.5 Exhaust Valves, Single or Dual Hi-Rev Valve Springs, Chromoly Retainers and Hardened Keepers.

Head comes with:
40mm Intake and 35.5mm Exhaust Seats and Bronze Valve Guides Installed. Rocker, Exhaust and Intake Studs are included.
These heads feature 12mm 3/4” reach plug holes.

Tools available:
We also sell a Bench Mount Head assembly tool here.

Our Reference: 98-1400-B/ 98-1474-B

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