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Twin Port Inlet Manifold, 1600cc, Beetle/Ghia/Kombi

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Universal twin-port inlet manifold

Poor performance and rough running is often a problem If the preheat tubes are blocked. This causes the carburetor to "ice up" using more fuel and loss in performance, especially in cold conditions.
A new manifold will often cure this!


To fit:
Beetle 1971 - 1979
Beetle Cabrio 1971 - 1979
Karmann Ghia 1971 - 1974
T2 Bay Kombi 1971 - 1979


Twin port inlet manifold center section 1.6 34 mm.

Fitment Information: Some cutting of the inlet pipes may be needed and bending of the exhaust pre-heat pipes to fit

Blocked heat risers or cracked manifolds are often the cause of poor fuel consumption and stalling.


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