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Bumper Rubber Impact Strip, Beetle 1968-74

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Bumper rubber IMPACT STRIP / bumper trim

Beetle 1968 - 1974

Two options available Front or Rear

Bumper impact strips should ensure that small collisions do not directly damage your bumper. These impact strips, which fully or partially cover the bumper, were applied by Volkswagen at the factory on the most luxurious versions or they were available as an additional option. In some countries, impact rubbers were a legal requirement. In this case, you can also find them on VW models that were not equipped with an ex factory luxury package.

All bumper impact strips fit without any problem on the original bumpers which are equipped with mounting holes as standard. If there was no rubber before, most bumpers have a black tape in the middle that covers the fixing holes.

If the rubber consists of several parts, they are listed on the Options tab. The mounting hardware is also on that tab.

Note :
If your bumper was ever replaced with a reproduction bumper, keep in mind that bumpers are not suitable for:

- the B quality VW Beetle front bumper from August 1967 through July 1974
- The stainless steel VW Bus bumpers from August 1972 until July 1979.

On all other qualities and types they fit without problems.

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