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Forged Conrod- Set 4, Beetle/Kombi Upright & T3

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Forged ConRod

T1, T2 Upright & T3 

Bugpack's H-Beam Rods are a must if you are planning on building an all out performance engine. Race proven H-Beam design combines weight savings and high strength thanks to the forged 4340 chromoly construction.

Radiused rod caps help reduce the amount of clearancing required on stroker applications and are sleeved to the rod to eliminate cap shifting. Precision machined rods are magna fluxed and sold in sets of 4.
All held together with forged ARP 5/16" bolts capable of withstanding 220,000 psi tensile load. EMPI's H-Beam Rods are the perfect match to our stroker cranks. (Torque to 26 ft. lbs.)

Sets of 4.

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Tools available:
We stock bench-mounted engine stands here

Our reference: 00-8311-0 EMPI
Located: Row 22-3