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Maxi Filter Oil Sump

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The Maxi Filter Oil Sump 

Bolts right on, to filter oil 100% of the time. The new Maxi Filter has 168 sq. inches of filtration area. That's 25 times more than a stock VW oil screen. The Maxi Filter traps harmful metal and carbon particles before they reach the engine bearings. Your engine will run cleaner and cooler with a Full Flow Maxi Filter Sump. You can clean your filter as often as required to remove sludge and acid build up.

Installation of the Maxi Filter Oil Sump is as easy as changing your oil - just remove your stock oil plate and screen, then slip in the Maxi Filter and bolt on the mini sump. It's that easy! You can install a Maxi Filter Oil Sump on all 40hp, 13, 15, and 1600cc based engines, just bolt it on. A special one-way pressure relief valve assures continual flow of oil if the filter becomes clogged with sludge or goo. The pleated Micron Flow Filter Sump features a recessed oil drain plug and is tougher than a stock oil drain cover. It can take a beating and keep on filtering.

Each Maxi Filter Oil Sump Kit is shipped complete and ready to install with Filter Sump, filter, by-pass valve, gaskets, and seals.


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