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Piston Kit, 93mm 1.8L

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Piston and Liner Kit


1800cc motor Type 4

If the pistons and/or cylinders are oval due to wear or damage, never replace a single piston or cylinder but replace all four simultaneously.

If you want to get more power from your engine, it is possible in some cases without having to adjust your crankcase to do so. Keep in mind that the stroke length and size in the crankcase must remain the same, but the cylinder heads must be adjusted (machined) or replaced by a cylinder head with the correct internal dimension.

The displacement mentioned is the exact value, this is usually rounded to 1200, 1300, 1500 etc... we have indicated the rounded values as additional values in brackets. The dimensions indicate the space required in the crankcase or cylinder head, so the cylinder size is a smaller fraction.

Our Reference: 022198075A , 022198075a
Located: Row 28