CB Performance

CB Performance

High performance race products made in the U.S.A 

We hold some stock, but often it is to order, please get in touch if you are after anything specific. Their website with all products found here, let us know what we can import for you.


Bolt-On Performance

Do you have a stock 1600cc engine, and want some easy-to-install upgrades?

Check out the list below for some easy performance upgrades for your stock VW engine.

Parts Upgrade

What to expect

- MSII Ready-to-run Kit (#2000) (better spark, better idle, better performance, better fuel economy)
- Streetster Exhaust Header (#3683) (more flow)
- Streetster Muffler (#3675) (low, mellow rumble)
- 1.25:1 Ratio Rocker Arms (#1685) (increased low end torque and increased HP)
- Maxi Pump 2 (#1791, 1792) (cleaner oil, longer engine life)
- Double Barrel 40mm
Weber Carb Kit
(greater performance)
- Ultra Wide Glide Sump (4 quart) (#1706) (increased oil capacity, improved cooling)
- Brad Penn Racing Oil (increased horsepower, longer engine life)
- Panchito 044™ Cylinder Heads (increased horsepower and torque)