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Starter Motor 12volt BOSCH/HELLA

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BOSCH Starter, 12 Volt. 

Original Bug 1967-77
Super Beetle 1971-79
Ghia 1967-74, Bus 1967-75
Type 3 1967-73.

For Manual Transmissions when using a 12 volt, 200mm flywheel.

Three Bosch options are available


BOSCH Brand New (SR15N)

They are Brand New! Not Rebuilt, and have No Core Charge.

If you like authenticity, then this factory Bosch rebuilt starter is the choice for you.

Self supporting style. Designed for automatic transmission auto/semi auto, can be used with manual transmissions.
T.1 68-79
T2 73-79
T3 68-73
Ghia 67-74

Also available on our site are reproduction 12v starters for $165 here


Note: If you are converting a 1966 and earlier VW to 12 volt you do not change your starter to a 12 volt starter! You can only swap to a 12 volt starter if you have swapped out your flywheel to a 12 volt, 200mm flywheel or if you have changed the engine in your original 6 volt car to a engine with a 12 volt flywheel.
If you are installing a 12 volt starter in a transmission from a 6 volt car you will need the conversion starter bushing.

 Located: Row 48