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Chrome Magnetic Drain Plug, Late VW

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Chrome Drain Plug

Here is a great addition to any engine.
Picks up metal particles from the oil.

Fits all years.

EMPI's Chromed Magnetic Drain Plug screws into threaded oil sump plates on:

1200 (40 horse)  1600cc based engines originally used in 1961 -1977

Beetles 1971 -1979
Super Beetles 1961 -1974
Karmann Ghias 1960-1971
Type 2 Bus 1962-1973
Type 3s and 1973-1974 Things.

Magnetizing the plug helps keep metal debris fr Magnetic Drain Plug Fits All VW Drain Plate Covers

Our Reference: 00-8856-0, 113115193 , 8113800400 ac129792
Located: Row 3-12 and Empi Wall