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Chromoly Stroker Crank, 82mm

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Chromoly 82MM Stroker Crank

EMPI has developed this high-quality counter-weighted Stroker Crank with the serious racer in mind.

Multiple die stamp forged from 4340 Chromoly (One of the strongest materials available for crankshafts).

Cranks are then Magna fluxed, shot-peened and all journals are nitrided precision ground, and micro-polished.

Additional features include cross-drilled, chamfered oil holes, dynamic balancing, 8 dowel, and extra-long 8mm dowel pins.
Choose the journal size and stroker combination that best suits your application.

Tools available:
We stock bench-mounted engine stands here

Our Reference: EMPI 4340 , 00-8182-0
Located: Row 29