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Oil Breather Kit

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This kit includes: Breather Box, Oil Hose, Fittings, Clamps.

This high performance oil breather system vastly improves crankcase oil pressure control.

Everything you need to install

Recommended For High Performance Vw Air Cooled Engines To Reduce Crankcase Pressure, Eliminate Blow-by And Oil Loss.

High Revving Modified Engines Require More Crankcase Ventilation Than The Stock Breather Can Supply.

With Oil Breather Kits The Blow-by Oil Is Collected In The Foam Filter And The Air Vapors Are Vented To The Atmosphere.

Features Include The EMPI Logo Cast In The Top, Improved Heavy Duty Breather Hose, Plus Internal Changes That Includes A Screen Mesh Shelf To Elevate The Foam Filter Element.

This Kit Has 3 Vent Outlets Allowing You To Run Breather Hose From Each Valve Cover And From The Oil Fill Neck Off The Alternator Stand.

Our Reference: 00-8544-0 ac115552
Located: Row 4-14 & Empi Wall