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ENGLE CAM W-110, 430X284°

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Engle W-110 Camshaft Specs:

Advertised Duration 284°, Duration 247° @ .050″, Cam Lift .392″, Lobe Center 108°

Engle Cams have won more races and set more speed records in air-cooled VW engines than all other competing cam companies combined! 
Engle is the most widely used high-performance camshaft manufacturer for air-cooled VW engines in the world today.

Every Engle camshaft is ground, finished, packaged, and shipped from Long Beach California.
Engle camshafts include a cam card, high-quality Red Line assembly lube, and an Engle Cams decal.


Our Reference: 21-4110-0
Located: Row 22-3