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Front 2" Drop Spindles, Kombi 1968-79

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New Front 2" Drop Spindles

For Type 2 Vw Bus 1968 Thru 1979.

Lower Your Bus Front End 2" While Keeping The Same Suspension Geometry And Maintaining The Stock Ride.

Designed To Replace Your Original Spindles Without Modification.

Type 2 Bus 1968 Thru 1979 (Requires The Use Of 1973 And Later Brake Components)

Works With:
Stock OEM 14" Wheels
Empi 00-9697 BRM Style Wheel 5X112
Empi 00-9731 BRM Style Wheel 5X112
Empi 00-9694 911 Alloy Wheel 5X112
Empi 00-9728 911 Alloy Wheel 5X112
Empi 00-9749 Dish Wheel 5X112
Empi 00-9662 GT-5 Wheel 5X112
Empi 00-9695 GT-5 Wheel 5X112
Empi 00-9696 GT-5 Wheel 5X112
Empi 10-1082 Gasser Wheel 5X112
Empi 10-1084 Cosmo Wheel 5X112

These Forged Spindles Widen Your Track By Approximately 3/4" Per Side.
Must Use 1973 Thru 1979 Brake Components

We recommend anti-seize for use on bolts, bushings, fittings, flanges, gaskets, headers, manifolds, nuts, packings, pipes, plugs, screws, studs, threaded surfaces, and wire rope. 

Our Reference: Empi 22-2948 
Located: Row 50