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FRONT SwayBar Kit, SuperBeetle

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FRONT Swaybar Kit

Super Beetle 1971-1973

3/4" zinc-plated steel with red urethane bushings.

Customers that want to install this sway bar will have to use the original mounts or use stainless steel clamp kit part number 00-9692-0 sold separately.

The sway bar is attached to the car in four places.

The two stock clamps and the new bushings that come with this kit secure the middle section of the bar to the chassis.

The two ends of the sway bar fit into the control arm with press-in bushings that can be found in EMPI's control arm bushing kit (P/N 16-5107).

Installing a front sway bar improves handling by controlling body sway and prevents wheel hop under hard cornering.


Our Reference: 00-9599-0
Located: Row 70