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Ignition Switch, VW 1974on

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Ignition Switch is a replacement 6 terminal unit.

1974-1977 Standard Beetles (from VIN 1142558022)
1974-1976 Super Beetles (from VIN 1342358022)
1974-1979 Super Beetle Convertibles (from VIN 1542358022)
1974 Karmann Ghias (from VIN 1442358022)
1974-1979 Type 2 Bus Models (from VIN 2*42164060)
1974 Things (1842356316)
1980-1991 Vanagons
1986-1991 Syncros.

The ignition switch installs in the bottom of the steering column lock assembly and is held in place with a very tiny set screw (which is not made new so don't lose it!).

The switch is hooked up by plugging in the factory ignition switch sub harness.

Our Reference: 171905865
Located: Row D33