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Main Jet, 1.55 for Weber IDA-IDF-DCOE / EMPI HPMX-EPC Carby's

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Brass Carburetor 1.55 Main Jet

These Precision Machined Brass Jets Fit Weber 40/44/48mm IDF, Weber 48mm IDA, Weber 40/45mm DCOE, Empi 40/44mm HPMX, Empi 48/51mm EPC Carburetors.

Check Your Air/Fuel Ratio And Jet Your Engine Properly

13.0:1 = Rich 
14.7:1 = Stoichiometric 
15.0:1 = Lean

A 'Stoichiometric' Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) Has The Correct Amount Of Air And Fuel To Produce A Chemically Complete Combustion Burn.
Gasoline Engines Ideal Stoichiometric AFR Is 14.7:1 Which Means 14.7 Parts Of Air To One Part Of Fuel.
The Stoichiometric AFR Depends On Fuel Type. Alcohol Is 6.4:1 And Diesel Is 14.5:1

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Our Reference: EMPI 43-5310 
Located: E-26