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Black 1-1/2" Comp Exhaust System With U-Bend Stinger For Air-cooled Vw Engines.

This Comp Exhaust System Provides Excellent Ground Clearance And Increased Horsepower.

Black System
Stinger Pipe Outlet Without Baffle Insert
For Use Without Stock Heater Boxes
Eliminates Stock Heater Boxes
Eliminates Intake Manifold Pre-Heat Flanges
Designed For Single Or Dual Carburetor Applications

Type 1 Bug 1300-1600cc Engines
Type 1 Baja Bug 1300-1600cc Engines
Type 1 Manx Dune Buggy 1300-1600cc Engines
Type 1 Sandrail Buggy 1300-1600cc Engines

Note: Empi Black Headers And Mufflers Are Coated With A Layer Of Paint Which Acts As A Rust Inhibitor For Shipping/Storage And Will Burn Off Once They Get Hot.

It's Recommended To Clean Off This Coating With A Good Solvent Then Paint With A Quality Hi-Temp Paint. Systems Are Not Warranted Against Rust.

We recommend anti-seize for use on bolts, bushings, fittings, flanges, gaskets, headers, manifolds, nuts, packings, pipes, plugs, screws, studs, threaded surfaces, and wire rope.

Our Reference: 00-3460-0
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