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Piston Kit, 1200cc 40HP

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Piston Kit includes:
Pistons, rings gudgeons, liners




1200cc Barrel & piston kit. The kit includes barrels, pistons, piston ring set, gudgeon pins and clips.

AA Performance, Standard 1200cc 77mm Cast Barrel & Piston Kit, suitable for 1200cc engines built between 1961-1969 and January 1978 onwards with 87mm case bore (will not suit 90mm bore of 1970-.1977 model 1200cc engines).

Standard 77mm Barrel & Piston kit for 1200cc engines. Designed to be a direct replacement for old & worn 1200cc barrels & pistons and includes piston rings, gudgeon pins and all 4 barrels and pistons enough for one engine.

AA Performance Barrels & Piston kits are good quality items, manufactured by an Aircooled VW engine parts specialist who produce a huge range of stock and high performance engine components for your Classic VW.


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