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Semaphore 12v, Beetle 1947-59

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Semaphore 12v

Beetle 1947 - 1959

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Semaphores were used on North American models (Beetle and Bus) until early 1955. 1955 was the first year for a signal flasher relay and bullet turn signals. All European Beetles and Buses had semaphores up to 1960. All VW semaphores will interchange no matter what year they're from as long as they aren't convertible Beetle. Convertible Beetles had longer semaphores that won't interchange with a sedan or Bus. Since they were mounted in the rear quarter panel, they needed to be longer to be seen past the fenders.

Our semaphores will fit all Beetle sedans & Buses that came equipped with them.

Our Reference: 8195500200 , 113951021F
Located: Row10-10