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Starter Motor 6volt, RE-BUILT

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Starter Motor 6 Volt

Beetle 1950-1966
Beetle Cabrio 1950-1966
Karmann Ghia 1955-1966
T2 Split 1950-1966
Type 3 1962-1966

Re-manufactured 6 volt starter motor.
Outright sale, no exchange necessary.

A new armature bush (111-301-155) must be fitted into the gearbox when fitting. Please also check the condition of your wiring - most reported faults in new starter operation are due to old wiring from the ignition switch producing low voltage at the starter motor solenoid. You can check if non-operation is due to a wiring issue by testing with a feed direct from the battery. If in doubt then seek professional advice.

These are no longer available new

Our Reference: 113911021BX
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