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URETHANE Spring Plate Grommet, 1 7/8", BEETLE 69-79

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Urethane Spring Plate Grommet, 1 7/8" ID Round


Type 1 1969-79 Outside

Urethane is perfect for this application! It wears better than metal, yet does not distort, crunch, or bottom out like the soft stock rubber ones do!

We strongly recommend trial fitting these to your spring plates PRIOR TO INSTALLATION.

Minor fitting is recommended.

Putting the grommet on the spring plate, make sure it fits FLAT. 

If it doesn't, the radius is inadequate and it's hitting the weld bead, and it will bind, grab, and squeak like crazy!
The guys that complain about Urethane Grommets squeaking did not do this work during the installation!

You can grind the interfering weld on the Spring Plate, or do a little more radiusing of the Grommet (Lathe, or Dremel) until it clears.


When they fit flush you are ready to install your parts back onto the car by cleaning all the parts, then lubing them up with Teflon Grease, and assemble!

This product includes 2 of the 4 bushings needed to do this job, you DO need the other 2 to finish the job!



Our Reference: 6588-12, B6-5881-3, B6-5881-2
Located: Row 2-2