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Headlight Reflector, Beetle/Kombi/Type3

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Very hard to source, but finally available.

This is the cause of dull headlights and often a WOF failure if they are dull /rusty.

6v style
Suits pre 67 Beetle and Kombi

Uses the bayonet style bulb holder, not the wire clip type.
If you have the wire type you must use the later style bulb holders [we can supply].


12v style 
Suits 68 on Beele, Kombi and Type 3 models

[NOTE: Some later Beetle and Kombis use semi-sealed beams if your headlight rim has only 1 screw in it you probably have semi-sealed beams fitted].


Our Reference: 111941151 (6v), 312941151B (12v) 311941151b Paruzzi 3657 early paruzzi 3681
Located: Row 8-3